Quick Answer: Can Obito See What Kakashi Sees?

How did obito give Kakashi his eye?

Just like the SO6P did with naruto and sasuke, he used his SO6P chakra (yes he still had this even after being stripped of the ten-tails) and transfered his chakra to kakashi, that is why kakashi can use all of the MS abilities without any harm, because of the SO6P chakra Obito gave to him.

Not complex at all..

Who killed Kakashi?

Originally Answered: How did Kakashi die? He did not die, except for the one time in which he was brought back. He fought against tendo and asura pain on himself, and he was killed by tendo after he helped Choji escape.

Does Kakashi get sharingan in both eyes?

Both Kakashi and Danzou had physically obtained their Sharingan via transplantation. During the finale of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Madara rips Kakashi’s Sharingan and transplants as his left eye (Chapter 674).

Why didn’t obito and Kakashi go blind?

obito’s eyes doesn’t go blind due to the healing effect of the wood style lifeforce implanted in him. Kakashi died while using the mangekyou during his fight with pain.

Did Kakashi kill obito?

Rin, knew the Mist’s plan, hence she asked Kakashi to kill her. But, Kakashi hesitated as he not didn’t want to kill his comrade and also not break the promise he had given to his dear friend Obito Uchiha. … Kakashi didn’t really KILL Rin he was going to attack an enemy with chidori and she got in his way.

Why can’t Kakashi use Kamui like obito?

There are several reasons why Kakashi can’t use Kamui as effectively as Obito. … The thing that makes Obito such a dangerous opponent is that with his close-range Kamui, by warping selected parts of his body to the Kamui dimension, he can effectively turn himself intangible, something Kakashi’s long-range Kamui can’t do.

Why does Tobi have 2 Sharingan?

Tobi assisted Itachi in the Uchiha clan massacre, and collected several Sharingan eyes of the dead Uchiha clan members. He must have implanted one of these Sharingan eyes in his left eye socket. During the battle with Konan, he has two Sharingan eyes.

Who is the weakest Hokage?

All of the other Hokages are Master of one specific area and are good at others but Kakashi is just good at all of the areas. He is the Jack of all the trades and master of none. So, there you go the Weakest Hokage of the Leaf Kakashi.

Who is Kakashi’s favorite student?

Kakashi – Naruto: In the June 2006 issue of Shonen Jump, Kakashi stated that Naruto is his favorite student and that although Sasuke is a genius, he is tedious to teach because he learns everything easily, compared to Naruto who is hardworking and who is unpredictable, always surprising Kakashi.

Is Kakashi Sharingan always on?

Kakashis sharingan is always on as that’s how it was when obito gave it to him. He covers it all the time as it drains so much chakra. It appears that Sharingan eyes keep whatever status they have as their minimum when they get transplanted.

What episode does Kakashi see obito?

Jutsu. “Kakashi vs. Obito” (カカシVSオビト, Kakashi tai Obito) is episode 375 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Did obito hate Kakashi?

And he hated Kakashi because Kakashi failed to protect Rin, that’s it. Because Obito sacrifice for Rin, and he loves her so much so, Kakashi didn’t know which was the real Rin so, his use his Blue Jutsu to kill the Fake Rin.!

Why did obito turn evil?

Madara Uchiha is why Obito becomes evil. Everything that happened to Obito after being rescued by Madara was Madara’s scheme. He placed a seal on Rin’s heart, that seal prevented her from taking her own life. … So we can say it was an undying relic(Madara) and a dead medic ninja (Rin) that made Obito become evil.

Can Kakashi still use 1000 jutsu?

Yes he can still use them, he used to sharingan to copy and memorize the techniques but he himself remembered how to use them after that.

Why did Kakashi lose both Sharingan?

Through really bad writing, Obito grants Kakashi access to both of his Mangekyo Sharingan by… … Either way, Kakashi loses his Sharingan because the writing stopped being bad. If you want the non-satirical answer, he lost it because Obito’s chakra dissipated.

Who did Kakashi love?

It has been confirmed that Rin has feelings for Kakashi. Although it is never confirmed whether Kakashi loved her in return, her feelings would further the already great remorse and anguish Kakashi felt over her death.

Does Kakashi have a son?

Kakashi does not have a son. However,if you are talking about Houki Taketori, the guy who wears a mask in Boruto and resembles Kakashi, then he is not his son. He is actually his fan and wants to be like the Sixth Hokage aka Kakashi Hatake.

How did obito lose to Kakashi?

The answer is simple, Obito was hesitating, same for Kakashi (but he got better after seeing Naruto), they were never fighting for real, like that time when they were using Genjutsu. Uh. He threw it so that the seal would be unlocked and he could become the ten tails Jinchuriki.